Forbidden to be…..

In the year 1935 it was forbidden to be Jewish, when the ‘Law for the protection of German Blood and Honor’ was passed. There were specific rules passed to hunt them down. The Jews were gassed, massacred. Their existence was futile and had to be exterminated.                                                  

Later when the Second World War ended it was forbidden to be a Nazi, this time they were hunted down. The Aryan race was too superior for their own good.

Soon after metals were discovered, money immediately followed, who gave the order no one knows. And thus the rich and poor were born. More and more jails came into existence, the poor were genetically criminals, it was claimed. Their existence was futile and had to be exterminated. It was forbidden to be poor.

Later that year one of the poor man suddenly acquired great wealth and superior power. Now bean the power struggle. Money was now not good enough. 

While everyone loved and blessed the queen, the food came from the peasants. Those dirty men who revolted when they were suppressed. Punished for their heinous crime, thousands died. All of them nearly peasants, even when some never bore arms. It was forbidden to bear arms. 

When God came with the idea of Adam and Eve, he made one of them smarter. Somewhere in some part of the world laws were passed which forced the woman to follow her husband in everything he asked. They were deprived of their rights, ripped from their souls. Adultery was banned and yet practised. Even today here in India, the woman swears I marriage, binding her in all terms.

                   However back when the French Revolution occurred and women got their right to vote, with a glimpse of democracy, God’s decision was indeed proven. 
For a very long time humans didn’t had any cure for a lot of diseases. People died in numbers and the Black Death nearly wiped out countries. Though Black Death was kind, unlike Polio which led to healthy people being disregarded until they died. Similarly all those who were physically, mentally or morally abnormal were left to die. 

               As years passed by and cures came, epidemics reduced to nothing. And so were those dying men. The rest acted as nothing ever happened. They rejoiced the cure and the preventives, while the dead never came back. 
In 2015, over 20 countries all over America lifted the laws against homosexuality including Canada with a new age prime minister Justin trudeau who himself took part in a Gay parade. Here in India, we have laws against homosexuals, lifetime imprisonment. We also have politicians who believe that nobody comes to check whom are you having sex with, as if sex is proportional to love. 

           Though parades have increased and the Supreme Court acknowledged their demands, a rightful cause. 
Sometime before the First World War started, Franz Kafka wrote The ‘Metamorphosis’, where a man wakes up as a rodent, never realising why, he fears for his job and his family, broomed away by his sister in the end, Dead.

The author constructs the story on seclusion with alienity. Over the years he lived, he writes another book called ‘The Trial’ which focuses on the hierarchy of justice. Leaving us with a paradox that the never reveals. 
Kafka died in silence, as he had lived. On his deathbed, bed of pain, he only speaks to his doctor murmuring, “Kill me, or else you are a murderer.” 

His books lived silencing the world. 


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