I have no chill!

Earlier today back when one of my friends asked me whether I had remembered to comeplete the work we were assigned yesterday,? I wondered if I actually did even while nodding my head for an idiotic yes.Alas, there was no time to do that now, as I stood in awe looking unto a vague future. 

I remembered calling my mother and telling her about it and even setting a reminder on my phone. Wasn’t the phone dutiful to serve its purpose. 
Poor Nathan called in last night. Crying over the skin disease he has acquired. He was terrified; he said it’s so bad that he cannot move out of his home, his doctor came to the house for a visit. And every now and then would remind of how awful it was for him to visit the doctor; ugliness is perhaps still a curse. I pity him, but then giggle some more on his prepositions of changing the health system in the country.
I plan to buy some chocolate he likes before visiting his place; it might just lighten him up a little. He is not usually this sullen, which is why it worries me, I hope he gets well soon.
While on the way from my office today I met an old friend today, she said that she wanted to talk so we moved back together to my house. She was angry with her boss today, frustrated rather, and adamant to leave her job. She has her issues with the money though, which is duly noticeable in her lifestyle.

I wouldn’t act the same if I was her; it’s hard to understand what someone else is going through but it’s certainly possible to a minimalistic extent. I do not mention her name,as I think it’s not right full thing to do. I wonder what does she excepts of me.

I texted a few of my close friends about the issue with her, but to no avail, seems like they are busy too now. The only one who did reply was not helpful about it at all. I was semi reading a book today, the other part of my mind was awaiting a message or even a call. Neither of which actually happened.

I also met Augustine the other day; she is four months pregnant now, and it is startling to see the love we have for a yet to be born child. She says it’s miraculous. I wish her health and her child a wonderful life that he is yet to start.
I and a few of my office colleagues had planned a fancy party for Augustine and her husband to celebrate. The restaurant on the other hand was great, though way too expensive for my taste. It is not everyday that you go to a place like that, but an occasional drink or two won’t harm.

As days pass by and memories form we tend to escape the unpleasant and recollect only what we wish and like. Similar to a family album, we take and save pictures only of happy times and days. 

A family album truer would consist of photographs of sorrow and grief, and death and subtlety to the everyday life. Inclusive of times when we were happy of course.


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