The 20th Tuesday.



Today is a Tuesday and Tuesdays are wonderful. And so are the other days of the week but Tuesdays are a little more special. In case you still haven’t figured it out, let me make it a little easier for you.

After pushing the gold brazen key in the silver lining door, when it finally did open, there was not much to witness, not empty, but only a map, a rotten piece of paper for someone who didn’t value the treasure. Adam went down the stairs; the map in his hands, trying not to worsen its condition. He’d seen many such empty rooms, during his tour across various countries, he had reached countless conclusions, most of which had a conclusion he reached, though not a single one lasting than a short period, only until he found another expedition. Even then it was enough to celebrate, and more than enough to treat himself with some fine liquor.

Tuesdays hardly discriminate, after all, it is just a fun community. There are no requirements, no interview. And thus no hassle. There are approximately 52 of these in a year.

If you won’t mind, Sir, I would rather not take this test. I’m trying to bring down the stress in my life. It’s okay if you don’t comply, it was just that, I thought this would a great place to start.

We all feel fucked up at times, its duration is what we decide, life moves on. There are no bad Tuesdays, it’s a teaser, to days that are yet to come, and moments yet to witness. Let it not be yet another day that falls under the list of random promises that you couldn’t keep. Move to a place which you feel most comfortable with, smoke some weed and live these teaser Tuesdays





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