The elegance in perpetuity.


Friday: 5.30 pm.
The departing soul.

In the past few years I’ve found myself thinking often about my aging body and a dying life. I’ve had these thoughts before too, yet I had been far too busy in the service of the great lords and ladies, too pay any keen attention to it, until recently when my Lordship Mr. Harrison sold out the bungalow to a modern American Man, supposedly named Abraham . I am willing to accept a new acquaintance with a heart filled with good will, yet I will not refuse the feeling of missing the old days.

It’s not a surprise that my master had to sell the place out; the lavishness he was used to had made it kind of obvious. He was a rich, lazy man and his heart was a beauty too but he didn’t had any luck with his wives, when the first Ladyship passed out due to a cancer that was diagnosed the day she died; the rest of them could never please the man, and were divorced one after another. He is married to his 4th wife as of now.

I am very pleased to state the fact that he was never cross with me. I served him well, as well as a butler should for which he regarded me no less. But on the day he left, he spoke to me about how he could not take me with him and I’ll have to stay back, he spoke it with a sore heart as he thought the news might surprise me, which it obviously didn’t. I was just not sure about what would happen to the place, until he spoke of my new master Abraham. He told me that he had spoken with him, and there will be no changes whatsoever with my resume, as he could entrust the house in nobody’s hands but mine, which sure made me happy.

Tuesday: 1.00 pm.
Mr. Abraham arrives.

Mr. Abraham arrived today, a sober looking man he is. Though appearances can be deceiving . It was not long before all of his stuff was fit in, even in the absence of half of the servants of this lavish house it was an easy task since he had not carried much with him.

What had occurred was this, once all the transactions were completed-transactions which would finally take this grandeur of a house out of the hands of the the Harrison’s after two centuries- Mr. Abraham wanted to make it clear that he would not be taking immediate residence here, but would leave soon after a few days, spending a further 3 months concluding matters in the United States.

In the mean time however, he was most keen about the staff of his predecessor- a staff which he had heard high praise- to be retained at the Palace. The ‘staff’ which he referred to was left of nothing but me though, since most of them had left with my last master on his request.  Upon which he was utmost regretful, he did ask me to recruit a staff of six under my  own supervision, worthy of a new home, as massive as ours.

Sunday: 6.00 am.
A few days later.

I have not been feeling contended for many a few days now, nevertheless it’s obvious that I have been making quite a few mistakes all over my workplace and my home too.
My doctor suggests me to enjoy my life, and look into the reasons of my disheartened heart and the newly acquired dearth of willingness to my chores. She made me understand the various reasons of my unusual behavior and made me promise that I won’t take excessive load of work. I believe you do not know this, and thus I must tell you the fact that I don’t normally make promises, as they reportedly release butterflies in my stomach. Yet I promised Mitchell, as I’ve been indeed taking a lot of load concerning my work.

Conclusively, Mr. Abraham was leaving today, only to have suggesting a very odd proposition.

‘You realize Evans, I don’t expect you to be locked up here in this house all the time I’m away. Why don’t you take the car and drive off somewhere for a few days? You look like you could make good use of  a break.’

Coming out of the blue as it did, I did not quite know how to reply to such a suggestion, though I do remember thanking him for his kind proposal.

‘It’s true. I do myself believe that I could make a good use of a break right here.’

To be continued………………


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