A sweary post about swearing.


“Presumably, you can take this as a compliment yourself.” The lady smiled kindly. “Life is not as easy as it may seem for the men who are good and wise, it never was, unfortunately human society always had an inclination for the wicked, so wicked flourished and these days have become  brazen and love to heckle good, because they cant be good, so they prefer to convince everyone that good is new bad. So if a wicked, cheap person is heckling you, calling you names take it as a compliment, a cheap person’s envy! Someone who can never be you, find faults in you, so imagines vices, faults, follies- how much more pathetic can a person be?”

There was not much that she had concluded, though with a bowed head, she did agree with her. Inside, she knew, she was right after all.




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