There was nothing that he now had in hand, he had lost all what he loved and cared for and possibly even what he barely cared for. It was a shame that he could see all that happening in the time that had now passed and yet he kept staring at his miserable condition. Self pity and loathing was a dreadful disease. 

“In his monotonous routine he had forgotten all that his heart desired, casting away all that came to him, and possibly even refused to look at the magic his life brought in. For the moment, he was still alive, realizing all he had done and all what he lost which also instigated a few human instincts reflecting upon a life filled with sobs, sniffles and smiles. But for some reason he was unaware of sobs predominated his age. 

Of all he had now fallen into the pits, pits that are deep down dark and instill fear in the heart of the bravest of the men, all he now wondered was whether if he could still continue the struggle. “

Life has never been an easy path to tread, nor will it ever be and yet when a kid falls while taking his steps, he refuses to sit back and cry, he might shed a few tears but there is no power that’ll hold him back from jumping back on his feet.

Possibly that is all, the lord asks us to savor, for he refuses a man all his fate until he laments all the mistakes he made.


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