Living a life, together.

Obviously it was a family reunion, or was at the very least supposed to be, even when half of the elders were busy complaining about the management where the party was organised while their younger ones were busy with their mobile phones, self satisfied in their very own world, away from all who wished to be a part of their life or could have had been a part, if only they could have had spared some time.

Truthfully, it was not something of a surprise, it was all but a compulsion for them, who wished to be left alone in their very own world, away from the reality that had hundreds of mysteries waiting to be uncovered. The family was supposed to meet today and sit together, precisely every man and woman had reached to take their places and sit, sit down quietly and gouging their eyes out on their precious mobile phones, cousins were clicking pictures for they had to put up pictures on their Instagram accounts.

William missed the old days when the family reunions were something of a grand event, when they met and talked together, ate their food together and laughed. Wondrously nothing was same today. He looked down the window down to his left, where there were trees that were co existing, in a way that none were left behind even the ones which were smaller and weaker, for all of them needed the sun, air and rain, yes rain too, yet it was the duty of the bigger trees to protect the saplings from the storms that came, ensuring them to lead their life further ahead.

“Looks like at least the trees understand the reason for being together, Sigh, if only….,”he murmured.

Perhaps nothing could turn back to the proper path now, but he was sure that there was no reason to just sit behind and wait for a miracle, for he did not cared about how hard being together was because he knew that being far apart is far worse.

And so he stood up and walked up to the audience to start with a simple game,so it started, all of what came next, the day that turned into a memoir of it’s own. The kids were first to join and their parents came next, for there were none who didn’t enjoyed laughing and sharing joyous moments together. The teens were no exception either for it was not the mobile phones that had converted them into what they were today but also the circumstances and even they enjoyed being crazy, being crazy for at least a day, and laugh at their loudest and behaving as if no one existed, as if no body mattered.

And so is the world, there is no soul that enjoys being apart because there is a reason why two people stay together, for they give each other a pleasure that no body else does. It is not the time that counts we spend with people but the moments that count and they experiences we have. For love comes from faith and faith in turn comes when two soul live close enough to know each other to the very core of their hearts, that one day one learns how to give and receive love like an open window and convert every coming day into a day in the spring season.

No puzzle is completed until every piece of it is put together, and so is life, its a puzzle that waits to be joined together with people forming different parts.


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