Indifferent from the regular behavior that the very most of us have now been obsessed to, even a slight change in the behavioral pattern of a person disturbs us, and why not?, profound with the inner virtue of intolerance, we Homo sapiens,also known as human beings consider it our birth right to object any and every change that takes place. This reaches to the extent of even refusing to try to build up an art style that resides somewhere deep in our very own soul.  A part that begs to come up but is recklessly kicked back to its original place.

Obviously there is a very precise reason behind this laziness of yours too, for it is not your fault that you have not written a short story, let alone a novel, or picked up bonsai cultivating or otherwise given expression to the art inside you – it is almost certainly fear. This is a staple of self-help culture I’ve always found hard to take.

Unable to restrain enough air while diving in a pool, a tremendously huge medical bill or getting lost in a supposedly humongous fair is scary, or so I imagine, but how can scribbling a few words on a piece of paper be just as scary as getting trampled by an elephant’s foot.

Yet my skepticism, I’ve reluctantly concluded, was misplaced. For it is the very act of expressing yourselves creatively a frightening idea to some, (and who am I kidding, when I find it hard myself when I sit down with utter determination but fail to even jot down the key points for a basic write up.) Truthfully this isn’t very surprising for creativity is a blend of various deep down fears that come together to haunt us: of ridicule,social rejection, of discovering you lack talent – not to mention the fear of stirring up emotions you’ve been expertly repressing for years.

Not all of which is indeed the problem of a self sustained child, when the parents and the teachers take no less of a part to suppress a child’s idea, due to supposedly the reason of hating a change or a creative persona in their child. However much does a teacher claims the very most of any teacher dislikes the kid who tends to tread a different path for it differs from the path that the teacher had to take when he was himself a kid.

All of which restraints any humane soul to come up and present themselves, except in the times of a crisis, that also in the weirdest manner possible.

The real question then is not whether creativity provokes fear, but what to do when it does. Far too many personas claim to have kicked fear’s butt during the times of distress, yet it isn’t entirely true, even if it is, it’s not like what works for Stephen King will definitely work for you, and it is often the latter than the former.

While talking over the idea of cultivating an art, one must remember that it is not always that creativity comes after enduring great struggles or fighting wars and it obviously does not means that creativity only counts when you hate it, or as Gilbert puts it,”Too many artists still believe that anguish is the only true authentic emotional experience… Heaven forbid anyone should enjoy their chosen vocation.

Cheesy as it sometimes might feel, I prefer Gilbert’s approach of considering fear just like an annoying younger sibling or even a pet. The trick is not to get rid of him or eradicate it but to make space. She uses the odd but useful analogy of a road trip. Fear always comes along for the ride, and that’s fine – but that doesn’t mean you need to let it anywhere near the steering wheel.



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