Turning the page.


“Your past is just a story. And once you realise this, it has no power over you. ”

Seems like a fare and legit deal, does it not. All of us face times that are hard to pass by and the happy times which pass as swift as the light. The past conjures nostalgic memories as it is a direct pathway to the greatest story every one of us are ever gonna come up to.

Yet past brings the memories that are sad too, for all of us know that there is no way we may escape the dark side of life. Most of us fail to achieve the very reason why something like nostalgia occurs, it always reminds of our mistakes, when all of us define ourselves with it, it’s something to learn and improvise ourselves with.

“The goal is to let our history inform us, not control us.”
– Alexandra Asseily.

Thinking of the past often fills our heart with anger, leading to times when we set upon the paths that take us away from supposedly beautiful future ahead ourselves. Life itself translates to changes, and those who look only to the past are certain to miss the future.

The past breaks up one’s heart and a broken heart never heals back on its own, it only pricks, and continues to do so until we learn to move ahead .Starting a day with the broken pieces of yesterday has never been a resolve as every morning with the rising sun, we have a right to claim a new beginning for our life, a new beginning to a brighter future.

I’m not where I need to be, but thank God I’m not where I used to be for I have been blessed with the will to overcome my past, I do not abhor it. I learn my lessons and let them stay back as I know that there is no reason for me to turn back.

I have had my lessons,and the very first thing I learnt was the fact that I cannot change or eradicate my past, the only power I truly have over it is to learn from it to prepare for a brighter future.

The past does not haunts us. We haunt the past. We allow our minds to focus in that direction. We open memories and examine them. We re-experience emotions we felt during the painful events we experienced because we are realising them in as much detail as we can.

All of us have choices, a choice to let the world define us. Sane or insane. Saints or sex addicts. Heroes or villains. Each one of these men can let their history tell, how good or bad they are. Letting the past decide our future. The other path on the other hand let’s us decide our fate for ourselves. And maybe, just maybe, it’s our job to invent something better.

There is no strength or wisdom that comes from a source that’s beyond you. Your past provided you the strength and wisdom you have today. Savour it and celebrate the present moment, let it not haunt you.

” Still the image haunted his dreams throughout the night; a lovely girl gazing at the stars, and the stars who gazed back.”



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