An elongated mourning.


The evening was dark and sullen as the day had witnessed a cruel morning today. A boy who was used to a monotonous routine, feared the incoming of something perilous, for he had seen three yellow cars in a row, and that meant bad, there was nothing that could make him think otherwise, at least for now.

As of Elena, she feared something too, she had almost missed her train today and also had to skip her lunch as the office canteen offered nothing but Italian food today, which she hated as a matter of fact. The urge of grief was far too grave and she knew that she is  going to lose her self-control during the meeting she had to attend a few hours later.

The clock seems to have stopped for Serene, hard times pass slow. Longing to meet her younger brother, Serene was almost sure of a mishap. She looked at the clock again and with a sudden jerk moved her hand towards the regular routine cooking she had to do. She gasped. She had burned her hand.

A man anonymous to the rest of the surrounding sits in a theater,he has not been paying a keen attention on the movie, supposedly he knows nothing of the it. He sits alone, yet anonymity seems to be a gift to him, his face reflects his affection towards solitude, he has lived with it for long, it does not haunts him anymore.

Another man stands by a mirror, a mirror that reflects all but his face, it seems to be an another dimension, a dimension that reflects all and everything the man wants, he can see them all, if only he could reach them. Perhaps he could, perhaps all he truly needs to do is take a single step and overcome his fears.

Stefan remembers the sleepless nights due to the horror movies he watched, they made him restless, for he feared that the ghosts might have had taken their respective places beneath his bed, waiting for the right moment to grab and take him away. He remembers his occasional cries and the lullabies his mother used to sing. She sang many a beautiful lullabies but always ended them with the words saying, “The things you fear are not real dear, they do not exist.”

Stefan has grown a lot older now, his fear of ghosts has gone too, instead he fears other things now, one of which is the fear of failing to achieve everything he desires. He knows for a fact that he cannot repeat the same lines, his mother used to console him with, as he knows that he cannot always pretend his fears to be non-existing, he has courage buried deep down inside and finds his soul ready to accept and fight his fears.

As for the day Mr. Dunsken walks down the road to find that the flower shop is closed, disheartened he starts walking again, his footsteps marking a path to his newly wed daughter’s house, he wanted to pick some beautiful flowers on the way, which does not seems possible now. The weather is no help either as it is covered with dark black clouds, he fears that he might get drenched if the rain starts suddenly. He is a little concerned about the possible circumstances but he is firm by heart, he is a genuine man, a man of his word. He has promised his daughter a meet today and he’ll not stop no matter what, as he knows that he must not let his fear of what could happen make nothing happen.

It is at that moment when a man refuses to overcome his fear, when fear starts becoming a habit and so does self-pity, hopelessness and dismay. One must remember that there is never too great to lose, and that is what allows us to take risks, risks that help us overcome our fears.

” If we deny love that is given to us, if we refuse to love because we fear pain or loss, then our lives will be empty , our loss greater.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  – Oprah Winfrey.  



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