Miracles and Mirage.


When every last inch of the earth was scorched and all the plants had dried up, it was then when the first rainfall occurred, it was then when a miracle took place.

During the creation of the universe, Adam questioned God about the creation of the world to which he replied,” When you attain true hope , faith will find its place in your heart, and it’ll be then when a miracle will take place, placing everything at it’s destined place at the correct time.”

“Despite these words, you’ll find the hope slipping away, as even the miracles take a little time and a human hopes for nothing but the best turning blind to the everyday miracles that could change his life. He fails to achieve his goal and the only thing he sees are mirages, something which he can never truly achieve.”

“But, how can an ordinary man distinguish between the miracles and mirages?” asked Adam to the omnipotence.

” One has to take risks to find out, sometimes the miracles may turn out to be a mirage, but the mirages might just come up to be a miracle too.”

” Each passing day, there comes a moment when one has an ability to change everything which displeases him, the moment does come, but a man often pretends to not have perceived the exact moment, as if it didn’t exist, still hoping for something better, never realizing that the coming day will be the same as today as yesterday was the same as today”


“Pay deep attention to the everyday deeds, and you’ll find the magic moment, a moment when the power of the universe will be a part of your soul enabling you to perform a miracle.” ” For great is your love, reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies.”

“Yet one must remember that a miracle never signifies the end of a road, instead it promises a bigger miracle to come. One must keep travelling through and to the final miracle, reaching out for every last miracle along the road. One must remember that the longer the path asks you to tread, the bigger is the miracle. To see them all you need is a vision, and that vision will let your soul be open to the truth you seek, the truth which will set you free.”

” Heal me O lord, and I shall be healed. Save me and I shall be saved, for thou art my greatest praise.”

There is no power that matches the great strength of the power of faith, for Faith connects you to a divine power, a power which allows to be a part of the most beautiful miracles of one’s life.

Allow yourself to changes and let your soul be connected to the one great lord and you’ll find Miracles that can change your life.

“Within the soil of a discouraging season can often be the seeds of incredible blessing, miracles and breakthrough.”                                                                                                                                                                        – Brian Houston.



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