The day I learnt

Helen-Keller                                                                                                                 Mr. Rogers looked very sad today, I asked if I could serve any help, but he refused any, I wonder what might have had happened. The old guy is miserable, his life never favored him, even his wife passed away shortly after giving him his first child.  He was happy for the child, but knew that the kid carried his wife’s soul. He is not a bad guy,but he does not seems to enjoy life’s beauty.

The man is quite rich, he has a huge bungalow with a beautiful garden, you may find him there, his looks deceives any man he meets, but do not fear him, he belongs to the god who made us all, he has great beauty in his heart. After walking a certain more minutes, I was at the door of Mr. Rogers, the front door was open and I saw that he was feeding the birds.  Apparently I could witness a faint smile on his wrinkled face. His house was huge, but it was old and thus lacked any beauty a royal place does.

“Why don’t you come inside to have a look at whatever you’re looking from the outside?”, the old man saw me, and called for me. I wondered was he angry at me or he simply thought that I was nothing more than a lost wanderer. “My apologies Sir, I did not mean to disturb you.” ” What makes you feel that you disturbed me boy, come sit, I can see that you are not busy enough to refuse me, I will heartily enjoy your acquaintance”.

Without saying a word, I sat beside him on wooden chair that rocked loudly when I sat, supposedly the chair had seen me and now hated my arrival, the birds on the other hand did not mind me. When the birds flew away, the man rose up and went towards his garden, he plucked an apple, and gave it to me,” I am Rogers C. broad.” The name abruptly struck me, but as a sign of courtesy I rose up and answered, ” I am Doris dear sir, I came here to meet my grandmother, and an apple pie attracted me towards you,” “it seems that I broke your heart, dear Doris, I’m afraid I’m out of apple pies

After a few minutes of grave silence, the man rose and started walking towards his house. While walking Mr. Rogers lost his balance and fell down, I ran to him and picked him, helping him to the chair he was sitting upon earlier. To check to any possible wound, I lifted his trousers, astonishingly he had an artificial tin leg. The grey man started laughing mildly and said,” My leg hurt me once, and I’m pretty sure it regrets it’s decision.” ” I was soldier once and got my left leg amputated due to a wound by a bullet that struck me.” ” I believe we have something in common, don’t we”, remarking for the first time over my burned scarred face.

” Yes!, we do, both of us share the feeling of hopelessness,” were the words that came out of my mouth as a reply.” I believe you do not understand this feeling dear, it’s not the feeling of hopelessness we both share, but a test, that you supposedly failed.” ” I did not get you, Sir, my face brought me nothing but a new life with people hating or pitying me.”

” I do not blame you kid, at the time when I lost my leg, I believed that I had lost all hope and will to live, do you remember what I told you about my occupation, what help do you think could a crippled man bring to the army. My colleagues pitied me. None of this was their fault, but I hated them, all of them.Upon my return to my home town, I came to the realize that the society would not change, but somewhere hope was still left. I have a son, who has his mother’s soul, how could have I left him.”

“My kid brought me back to a life filled with hope and also became the reason for me to live. I had faced much and lost more, yet whenever I lost my courage, I remembered that there is a life, lead by a little boy, who loves me more, no less. I believe you find it hard to build your courage to face the cruel society, that pities us. I have met many people in my life, some of them believed that people like us should stay in a hospital with more people of our kind. I wonder what would the world turn into if everybody believed the same.”

” It’s easy for you to contemplate the society in the way you told me, you have an artificial leg, which can be covered and hid, how do you think should I hide my face.” ” Then I believe that you possess some  X-RAY vision, you saw my tin leg even when it was covered, didn’t you. Covering and hiding your face, or my leg is not a solution. The people you meet will soon get tired of looking at you, there is much the world offers which is worthy enough to be stared at.”

” Like?” ” It’s all relative boy, Beauty and the beast, I’m pretty sure you have heard the story. I feel you find people cruel when you hear people talking about you or your face, as you believe that they’re mocking you, but you must remember that somethings are not the same way, you think it is, many a times they’re meant in a different way. Do you know boy, that I sit here everyday. I listen to the light the sun brings me and listen to the darkness in my rooms. Do you think secluding yourselves would help. When I’m in the open, I make friends, friends who come and sit and leave, friends who talk, and ridiculous friends like you.”

— ” Are there none who mock you?”                                                                                                                                          — ” There are some.”                                                                                                                                                                  “Don’t you hate them, I hate everybody who mocks me.”

” OH! That’d do you more harm than fire itself. Fire only burned your face, as a bullet only cost me a leg. It could have had been worse. Both of us could have had burned internally, with no hope or reason to live, deprived of all of our feelings.”

” I think you consider everybody you meet as friends” I’ll be back tomorrow and then you’ll find that your old friends would leave upon my sight.” ” They might leave, and they might not, both of you have to take the risk”. ” Would you mind having a friend when all of the old ones leave”. ” I’ve not moved.”

” NO…………….?”

“I’ll be back tomorrow dear Sir, Goodbye.”  “Goodbye,dear Doris, I’ll be waiting you with the apple pies that lead to our meeting.”

Upon my way back home, I turned my head back and saw Mr. Rogers walking back to his home, with his son. Both of them were holding hands as a symbol of trust and eternal hope and love.

The people were wrong about him, wrong about MR. Rogers and I’m pretty sure they’re wrong about me too.


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